Ooler Vs ChiliPad from ChiliTechnology – My Experience using BOTH🙌

Ooler Vs ChiliPad from ChiliTechnology – My Experience using BOTH🙌

Ooler Vs ChiliPad Mattress Cooling Device | Temperature control mattress pad. In this video, I review the ChiliPad Cube from Chilitechnology, and compare it vs the ooler sleep system, that I recently upgraded to. If your looking for an honest, nonbiased review of what I think of the ChiliPad mattress cooling device, you came to the right place!

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Mattress Pad: Medical Grade Hydronic Layer for Durability and Optimal Performance. High Loft, Washable, Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial Waterproof Cover for Optimum Comfort.
WATER-BASED SYSTEM: Per research, water has natural thermal advantages that make it very effective in heating and cooling. OOLER utilizes an adjustable, water-based system to regulate the surface temperature of your existing mattress by actively circulating water through the mattress pad to provide you the most comfortable cooled or heated sleeping environment! Kryo, Inc. is the Only Authorized Amazon Dealer for the OOLER.
BETTER SLEEP QUALITY: Make sleepless nights a thing of the past! The wide temperature range – 55-115F (12.8-46C) – and thermal efficiency of the pad material allows you to take advantage of the insulating properties of bedding materials and achieve a higher quality, deeper sleep! Not meant to replace conventional A/C. Peak operating performance can be impacted by ambient temperature and humidity.
APP CONTROL: Apps for both Apple and Android devices are available that allow you to control the unit, heat and cool the pad, set programmable sleep schedules, and set a warm-awake alarm notice. Allowing you the convenience of complete control from the palm of your hand!
CONTROL UNIT: Features a variable speed fan for white noise and built-in cleaning UV light, so upkeep is easy. The control unit noise level averages less than 45 decibels at a 3 foot (1m) distance. Water sensor alerts you to low water level. App or manual button control.
IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: Better sleep helps improve performance and productivity. OOLER’s active temperature-management system has been shown to deliver a drop in resting heart rate by as much as 7 BPM, triggering deep sleep and recovery. Unlock the key to greater recovery and performance with OOLER!

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