Local Hero: Allison Bielski Quietly Makes Life Better In Batavia

BATAVIA, IL — When times are tough, heroes emerge. We all know someone who’s making a difference right now as we live through unprecedented and changing times.

Here at Patch, we’ve launched an initiative to help recognize these heroes making a difference in their communities. We’re working to let all your neighbors know about these outstanding people and their stories.

This submission comes from Ellen who nominated Allison Bielski of Batavia.

Local hero’s full name

Allison Bielski

Local hero’s home state


Local hero’s Patch


How do you know the local hero?


What does the local hero do?


Why do you believe the local hero should be recognized or honored?

She sees every child as a unique individual and does everything possible to develop an individualized plan for that child. She thinks outside the box and uses her creative energy to help her young learners succeed in and out of the classroom.

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about the local hero?

She is an optimistic and driven educator who is constantly looking for opportunities to support children.

Thank you for all you do, Allison Bielski!

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