GENESEE COUNTY/Town of Batavia Planning Board Meeting/Tractor Supply reveals plans for retail building and major subdivision off Lewiston road

Video of meeting-November 15, 2022

Town of Batavia Planning Board Meeting

Batavia Town Hall, 3833 W Main St. Rd., Batavia, NY

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 7:00 pm


Call Regular Planning Board Meeting to Order

Roll Call

Designation of Alternate Member(s) for voting purposes if necessary

Approval of Minutes of the previous meeting (10/18/22)

Public Comment on Agenda Items

1. Application by Hix Snedeker Companies (Tractor Supply) for a major subdivision and retail building for tractor supply at 8727 Lewiston Rd., Batavia, NY. Review of project.

2. Authorize Chairman to seek lead agency for SEQR on above project.

3. Zoning Enforcement Officer Report

4. Chairman Report

5. Adjournment

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