Community Flag Contest Aims To Showcase Residents Love Of Batavia

BATAVIA, IL — The Batavia Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce a Community Flag Design Contest that is open to all Batavians. The contest will engage the citizens to design a flag that represents their love for Batavia.

Many communities across the nation are enlisting their citizens to help design a community flag. With community spirit and engagement at an all-time high, it is only natural that Batavia should do the same. The intention is not to create an official city flag. Rather, a committee is asking the community to help design a flag that can be proudly flown to demonstrate commitment to and involvement in the community. It is anticipated that the flag will be displayed at residences, businesses, and in gardens throughout the city.

Why a flag and why now? The recent pandemic and its continuing effects disrupted life for many Batavia residents and businesses. The way Batavians have come together to overcome these challenges is truly astounding.

As Chamber President & CEO Margaret Perreault recently stated, “After seeing how our community weathered the pandemic together, it is apparent how unique the Batavia community is. Our town has an amazing way of depending on each other, supporting each other, and coming together for the common good. Batavians feel such town spirit that it makes sense that residents and businesses in Batavia would like to display their community pride. Flying a Batavia Community Flag will allow us to do that! By engaging the residents in a friendly contest, we will capture the essence of all that is Batavia!”

This is a Batavia project through and through. The committee is chaired by Marty Callahan. Marty is joined by Andrea Davis, Margaret Perreault, Scott Salvati, Kathleen Tieri Ton, Chris Winter, and Tony Winter. A Batavia resident will design the flag, and Flag Source, 951 Swanson Drive in Batavia,, will manufacture the flags.

Committee Chair Marty Callahan shares his thoughts on the significance of flags.

“In his 1917 Flag Day address, President Woodrow Wilson stated, ‘This flag, which we honor and under which we serve, is the emblem of our unity, our power, our thought and purpose as a nation,’” commented Mr. Callahan. “The Batavia Community Flag, being sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, will also be a symbol of our unity. A portion of the proceeds from the Batavia flags will be donated to the Flag Day Monument that recognizes former Batavian Bernard Cigrand’s contributions to the June 14th national holiday.”

All Batavians are invited to participate in the competition. There is no age restriction and no fee to enter. The design should use no more than 3 colors, must fit a 3’ x 5’ ratio, and must be original. The winning design will be sold in two formats: a 3’ x 5’ flag and a 121/2” x 18” garden flag. The 3’ x 5’ flag will sell for $50; the garden flag will sell for $35 and includes a stake. The Batavia Chamber will donate 25% of the sale price to the Fox Valley Patriotic Organization in support of the Batavia Flag Day Monument.

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