Black mother wrongfully detained six days after giving birth

Black mother wrongfully detained six days after giving birth

The department has started an administrative review of the incident.

Officers said in the news release that they were responding to a 3:30 PM alert from the county’s license plate reader that “a felony vehicle with occupants listed as armed and dangerous” was traveling in the Fairfax jurisdiction.

Patrol officers soon found the vehicle, conducted a felony vehicle stop and detained the occupants,” police said in the release. “Two adult women and two children were discovered in the vehicle.”

In the process of detaining those in the vehicle, an officer’s cruiser “struck the front bumper of the wanted vehicle while traveling at an estimated speed under 10 mph,” police said, adding that “there was minimal damage to the car.”

Officers identified the occupants, determined they were not owners of the vehicle, were not involved in the incident in Arlington County, and were released,” police said. “The driver requested to be taken to the hospital by Fire & Rescue personnel at that time.”  

Kimble said in her social media post that the three days she spent in the hospital having her son delivered ended up serving as her alibi. But even after clearing her name, she said police “almost refused” to give her the officer’s name who hit her vehicle.

My two small children were in the back and the conclusion of the accident was that they had the wrong person…” Kimble said. “HELP ME AND MY BABIES GET JUSTICE.. THEY ARE WRONG AF & NEED TO BE FIRED!!!!!!”

Warning: This video of the aftermath of Kimble’s encounter with police contains profanity.

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