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Chili Technology uses water for temperature control within our cooling mattress pad. The semi-conductor technology cools your computer uses water to pass through the chip. Water is heated or cooled depending on how the electron flow direction. The mattress pad contains soft coils that allow water to flow through them, adjusting the temperature. The mattress pad is only water. All temperature changes are made in the control unit located beside the bed. It is easy to switch between a warm, electric blanket and a cool, comfortable cooling pad for your mattress.

Advancements in semiconductor technology allow water temperatures to change from 7degC up to degC within a full program, for a fraction the cost of air conditioning. This creates the feeling of a warm or cool bed during a night of sleep. The motor is almost silent (under 20dBa). The motor can be controlled with a remote control that is held in your hand. Medically, cooler nights of sleep have been shown to improve REM sleep throughout the night.

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