Batavia Police: No Charges Forthcoming For BHS Lunchroom Incident

According to a Batavia Police press release, no charges will be filed against a campus monitor who pinned a female student against a table in response to that student’s striking the head of another student multiple times during an argument.

On Friday, October 21st, 2022 at approximately 1:17 PM, a verbal argument began between a female student and other students at a lunch table. A male campus monitor observed the argument and walked over to the table to intercede. The campus monitor attempted to verbally de-escalate the situation and was ignored by the female student. The female student walked around the campus monitor and began arguing with a male student seated at the table.

The female student, without physical provocation, then struck the male student about the head several times. The campus monitor, who was standing next to the female student, immediately took action to separate the female student from the male student. In doing so, the campus monitor pinned the female student against a nearby table. The campus monitor attempted to keep control of the female student while she was actively striking him and yelling at him.

According to the subsequent investigation, there is no available evidence that suggests that the holds used by the campus monitor were either intentionally or accidentally restrictive of blood flow or normal breathing ability of the student, and the student continued to strike the campus monitor while he attempted to control her.

The campus monitor was eventually able to use his radio to call for help and kept control of the female student until additional staff members arrived to assist.

Upon completion of the investigation, the situation was reviewed with the Kane County States’ Attorney’s Office. It was determined that there was no probable cause to criminally charge the campus monitor.

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