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BATAVIA – A graffiti tagger continues to mark Batavia’s downtown area, adding another week of frustration for officials as the defacement has to be removed and police try to catch whoever is doing it.

Police reports state several areas in the 100 block of Shumway Avenue were defaced Oct. 5 – along the Batavia Bike Path including on light posts, the Linnea Miller Birdhouse, city utility boxes, a fence and doors – and a city utility box at 4 W. Wilson St.

On the same day, Harbour International, 30 Shumway Ave., reported the rear basement door of the business was defaced and Sturdy Shelter Brewing, 10 Shumway Ave., reported the utility box was defaced, according to reports.

Five businesses on South Batavia Avenue reported graffiti defacement overnight from Sept. 12-13, according to reports.

“At this point – because of commonalities in the graffiti, the combination of letters and numbers – we believe it is the same individual or group,” Deputy Chief Eric Blowers said.

“Unfortunately, these types of things are impacting the entire community,” Blowers said. “We are taking it seriously.”

Detective Sgt. Gary La Barbera, who is in charge of the investigation, said the person is using a marker or paint marker to write P1-76 with an arrow pointing downward in dark blue or black.

Utility boxes in the 100 block of Shumway Avenue in Batavia were tagged with P1-76 and an arrow pointing downward. Police ares seeking tips as to who is doing it, as more areas of the city are being tagged.

“It’s not gang-related,” La Barbera said. “It may be the tagger’s name. … It’s a public nuisance that mars our beautiful downtown and we do not like it at all. Hopefully, one of our patrol officers will be able to catch the guy or girl in the act.”

So far, the department has stepped up patrols and police presence in the downtown area in response to the uptick in graffiti.

“We are very interested in catching the people doing this,” La Barbera said.

The best way to catch the perpetrator?

“Tips from the public,” he said.

Anyone with information is urged to call La Barbera at 630-454-2500.

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