A polite eight-year-old from Batavia wins Jim Kelly’s favor, a trip to his football camp

October 30, 2022 – 3:55pm


Greyson Good, 8, of Batavia, was a polite young man when he met Jim Kelly on Friday at the Legends and Stars Sports Expo at Batavia Downs and Kelly was impressed so he offered him a special treat.

“Greyson has the most amazing night,” said his mother Brenda Good (who submitted the info and photo).¬†“He met both Dawson Knox and Jim Kelly! As we were walking away from Jim Kelly, he called Greyson back over to the table and told him that he was so impressed that Greyson said thank you. He asked for our names and address so he could send Greyson tickets to his football camp in June! Greyson is thrilled!!! What an amazing guy!”

The Batavian will have more coverage of the expo later today.

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